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The 65. Taormina Film Fest is produced and organized by Videobank Spa - promoted under the concession of the Taormina Arte Sicilia Foundation - and will be held in Taormina from 30 June to 6 July 2019.
The aims of the Review are to promote knowledge and promote the dissemination of international cinema in all its forms, in a climate of freedom and confrontation between different cultures, realities and languages ​​of the audiovisual sector. In addition to the sections mentioned in the following paragraphs, the Taormina Film Fest offers meetings with industry excellence, retrospectives and tributes, as a contribution to a better knowledge of peculiar artistic paths, as well as previews of upcoming films.
3.1 Taormina Competition 65
International competition reserved for a maximum of 15 feature films in preview at least Italian, with particular regard to the debut, emerging authors, minor cinema and low-budget independent cinema, but also for works that are measured with genres and current production with intentions of innovation and creative originality.
3.2 Documentaries
International competition reserved for a maximum of 15 documentaries, consisting of a selection of works with no restrictions on gender, duration or destination, as long as they exceed 40 minutes. Authors, experimental and artist works can be part of it. Only the documentaries offered in Italian preview are admitted to the selection.
3.3 Spotlight
International competition reserved for a maximum of 20 independent feature or documentary works or first or second works, without gender and duration constraints, intended for the vision of a young and heterogeneous audience.

3.4 Out of Competition

Significant full-length or documentary works are presented Out of Competition, at least in Italian, for a maximum of 10 titles. Among these, works by established or emerging authors, in which the filmic narrative is accompanied by characteristic forms of expressive or gender originality, new aesthetic and expressive tendencies. Inside the section there is a non-competitive selection of up to 20 short films with a maximum duration of less than 20 minutes, chosen on the basis of criteria of quality and linguistic-expressive originality.
3.5 Ancient Theater
The section hosts at least Italian first a non-competitive selection of 6 works intended for the general public, including feature films and documentaries, without gender and destination constraints. The section, not being competitive, may also include gifts to works representative of world cinema, celebrated or restored, possibly preceded or accompanied by meetings and insights with authors, performers and prominent personalities.
The Juries, appointed by the Director General on the proposal of the Artistic Direction, will each operate according to their own regulations; their works may be assisted, where appropriate, by the Artistic Direction with the function of guarantee and consultative in matters of regulation and practice.
4.1 Taormina Competition 65
An International Jury - made up of a maximum of 7 film or cultural personalities from different countries, with the exclusion of those who have collaborated in the creation of the invited works or are interested in their distribution - will award the following prizes for feature films:
· Gold Cariddi Award for Best Film
· Silver Charity Award for Best Director
· Cariddi Silver Award for Best Screenplay
· Mask of Polyphemus for the best male interpretation
· Mask of Polyphemus for the best female interpretation

The possibility of awarding ex aequo is excluded. Furthermore, the same film can receive only one of the prizes provided for by the Regulation. On the way exceptional and in only one case, having heard the opinion of the Artistic Direction, the Jury will be able to award with the Mask of Polyphemus also an actor or an actress of a film awarded with the Charybdis Award. The aforementioned waiver can only be applied once in the same edition of the Review.
4.2 Documentaries

An International Jury - composed of a maximum of 5 film or cultural personalities from different countries, with the exception of those who have collaborated in the creation of the invited works or are interested in their distribution - will assign without possibility of ex aequo:
· Cariddi Award for best documentary
4.3 "Paola Ferrari De Benedetti" Award for the best independent film or documentary or first or second opera

The feature films and documentaries of the Spotlight Selection contribute, without the possibility of ex aequo, to the award of the "Paola Ferrari De Benedetti" Prize. The Jury - composed of university students from the universities of Messina and Catania, which can be joined by international cinema students who will apply for it and will be present in Taormina during the festival, presided over by a film or culture personality - will award a prize in money worth 3,000 euros, made available by Paola Ferrari De Benedetti, and which will be attributed to the director of the winning film or documentary.
4.4 Taormina Arte Awards
The Artistic Direction proposes to the Production of the Taormina Film Fest and to the Taormina Arte Sicily Foundation the assignment of a maximum of 8 Taormina Arte Awards to the career, assigned to directors or other highly professional figures for the contribution offered by the whole of their work to the development of cinematographic art, or to performers who were able to best embody the expressive needs of the authors for whom they worked, while at the same time making a personal aesthetic and symbolic contribution to the art of acting.
4.5 The producers and distributors of the winning works undertake to place an identifying mark with the mention of the acknowledgment received and the 65 logo. Taormina Film Fest at the time of the release in the auditorium or in home video support.

5.1 Conditions for admission to the selection
All submitted works must be of recent production, completed no earlier than October 2018, and must not have already been presented in any other form and duration, not even as a work-in-progress, for the selections of previous editions of the Review. The directors of the first or second works are invited to provide information relating to their curriculum vitae in the manner defined by the online submission, for the sole purpose of research and documentation. In no case must the works have been distributed abroad before September 2018 or made available on on demand platforms destined for distribution in Italy.

5.2 Allowed formats
For films officially invited to the show, the only formats allowed for the screening are i
• Digital Cinema Package - DCP
• Blu-Ray Disc
5.3 Selection procedure
The Artistic Direction, as regards the selection of the proposed works, will be assisted by a staff of experts as well as by a group of international correspondents and consultants competent for geographical areas.
5.4 Registration fees
For each film registered for the selection of the 65. Taormina Film Fest, a registration fee of $ 40 is required for feature films. For feature films that sign up after April 10, 2019 the fee will be $ 60. For documentaries, the registration fee will be $ 30, while for projects that register after March 15 or after April 10, 2019, the fee will be $ 40 and $ 50 respectively. In no case will this amount be refunded.
5.5 Materials to be sent for selection
To be admitted to the selection, most recently by 30 April 2019, it is necessary:
a) complete the pre-selection form (entry-form) online at www.filmfreeway.com;
b) pay the registration fee;
c) upload the movie file to the streaming service, exclusively via the password-protected link
which will be indicated at the time of registration;
d) send a brief information sheet on the director and the film, containing useful information on
synopsis, director's notes and production context of the work;
e) for all films of a nationality other than Italian, it is required to send one for selection
subtitled copy in Italian or English (including films in the original English version).
6.1 Confirmation of participation
The invited works receive an invitation to participate by 19 May 2019. Receipt of confirmation implies the legal acceptance of the invitation by all recipients, acceptance that is considered final and irrevocable.
6.2 Program

The invitation must remain absolutely confidential until the announcement of the program by the Review, under penalty of exclusion from the selection. The general programming and screening times are the exclusive responsibility of the Taormina Film Fest
6.3 Copies
Holders of the invited works must send no later than May 31, 2019:
· N. 1 copy in the original version with Italian subtitles (English for Italian films), for official gala and early screening for the press;
· N. 1 copy in the original version, with Italian subtitles (English for Italian films), as a backup copy (at the discretion of the presenters);
· N. 1 Blu-Ray Disc in original version with Italian subtitles (English for Italian films) for use
exclusive of the internal services of the Review;
The costs of subtitling are in any case borne by the presenters.
The General Management reserves the right to refuse copies which, in the control of the Review technicians, are inadequate for a good public screening.
6.4 Specifications for copying the film for Digital Cinema
For digital cinema, the systems used in the Review are: ... XXX
6.5 Catalog
All the necessary material for the catalog (exhaustive synopsis, artistic and technical cast, biography and complete filmography of the director, photographs of the director and actors and scenes of the film in b / w and color, short comment by the director on the film) must be received no later than May 25, 2019, with the indication "Material for drawing up catalog" and exclusively in electronic format, to the email address taorminafilmfest.rel@vbk.it

6.6 Promotional material for the press
At the same e-mail address (at the address taorminafilmfest.rel@vbk.it) the holders of the invited works must send, by May 25, 2019, the promotional materials (press books, digital images of the film and of the director, video material, etc. ) for distribution to the press. The advertising and promotion material must absolutely include the indication "Film selected for the 65th TaorminaFilmFest" and the term "World / European / Italian First".
6.7 Official logo
Any form of propaganda of the works invited after the announcement of the program by the Review must, by explicit commitment of the presenters, indicate participation in the 65th TaorminaFilmFest with the official logo prepared. Award-winning films must also indicate the recognition obtained according to the official graphics prepared and provided by the Review.
7.1 Transport costs
Any expenses related to the transport of the works invited from the place of origin to the TaorminaFilmFest and return office (including any transport costs from the airport to Taormina and all customs operations for arrivals from countries outside the EU) are the responsibility of the presenters .
7.2 Addresses
For DCP movies the presenters will have to contact the email address taorminafilmfest@videobank.it in advance to request instructions for shipping. Copies of Blu-Ray Disc films, as well as all selection materials sent by courier or post must be sent directly to the address of the Review:
c / o Videobank Spa
Via Vittorio Emanuele III n. 178
Belpasso (CT), 95032 ITALY
Tel. + (39) 0959897100
E-mail taorminafilmfest@videobank.it
The Review is not required to return the sent works unless they are received with prepaid return by express delivery service (courier or diplomatic bag). Any return must however be requested no later than July 31, 2019. The materials (work-in-progress) and the works for which no return is requested may be conferred to the Taormina Arte Sicilia Foundation Archives, for the sole purpose of documentation and study, excluding any commercial use, to protect the interests of authors and producers.
7.3 Transportation of advertising material

The transport costs of the advertising, informative and photographic material relating to the invited works are the responsibility of the presenters, from the place of origin to the headquarters of the Taormina Film Fest, including all customs operations for arrivals from countries outside the EU. Advertising material sent to the Review will not be returned.
7.4 Transport insurance

The presenters are responsible for insurance coverage for the return transport of the invited works and related press material.
7.5 Review Insurance
The Taormina Film Fest guarantees insurance coverage against all risks for the period of storage of the works invited to the Exhibition. The insurance value of the works invited may not, however, exceed the laboratory cost of a standard copy. Furthermore, all necessary measures will be taken to protect the copyright of the works entrusted to the Review, in compliance with the provisions of the FIAPF relating to protection against piracy.
Participation in the Taormina Film Fest entails compliance with this Regulation. It is the responsibility of producers, distributors or other subjects who present the invited works to guarantee that they are legitimately authorized to register the work on the Review. The Director General of TaorminaFilmFest has the right to unquestionably settle all cases not provided for by these Regulations, as well as to derogate from the Regulations in particular and well-motivated cases. For any dispute concerning the interpretation of the individual articles of the Regulation, the original text written in Italian will prevail.


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